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Student: Forums

The Forums tool allows site leaders to create an unlimited number of discussion forums, and is integrated closely with other tools such as Resources and Gradebook.

Forum is a mandatory category or grouping for topics. 

Topics, which are created within forums, are where participants can post conversations.

Conversation is the thread of messages in which participants post their contributions. A conversation can be created by instructors or students inside of a topic.

Post in Forums

  1. In Forums, select the title of the topic for which you’d like to post a message.
  2. Select Start a New Conversation near the top of the screen.
  3. Next to Title, type the subject/title of your message.
  4. Under Message, compose your message.
  5. Under Attachments, you can attach a file from your local computer or from Resources.
  6. Select Post to post your message.

How to Reply to a Post

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, select Forums.
  2. Then select the title of the topic you want to reply to.
  3. Select the subject of the desired message.
  4. Select Reply to respond to the current message you are viewing. Select Reply to Initial Message near the top of the screen to reply to the conversation the discussion belongs to.
  5. In the Reply Title field, give your reply a title.
  6. Under Message, use the editor to compose your reply. To insert the original message to which you are replying, select Insert Original Text, located above the text editor.
  7. Under Attachments, you can attach a file from your local computer or from Resources.
  8. Select Post to post your message.