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Students: Attendance Checkin

Card Access Reader Checkin

To checkin for your class, swipe in using your Texas State ID card with the card access reader.

Card Access Reader attendance checkin are only available if your course is held in one of the following teaching theaters:

  • Alkek 250
  • Centennial Hall 157
  • LBJ Student Center 4-16.1
  • UAC 105

Checkin Code

Your instructor can create an attendance session which generates a random 6 digit numeric code which you will need to enter to be marked as present.

Checkin for a Class

  1. Log into TRACS and go to your class.

  2. Select Attendance from the left tool list.
  3. Enter the 6 digit numeric code that your instructor has given you for in the text box.
  4. Select Checkin.

You will not be able to checkin for your class until your instructor has activated the checkin session and given you the code needed to check-in.

Skip Entering Attendance Code

  1. Select View Attendance Record.
  2. Select Back to return to the enter code page.