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Students: Take an Assessment

Take an Assessment

  1. Navigate to the site where the assessment is posted. 
  2. In the left Tool List of your site, select Assessments.
  3. In the Take an Assessment section, you will see a list of available assessments. Click the assessment's title to begin.

You will see specifics about the assessment such as the date due, time limit, number of submissions, and feedback will be provided on this page.

  1. Select Begin Assessment to take the assessment.
  2. Answer each question. 
    • To move to the next question, select Next.
    • To go back to a previous question select Previous.
    • Select the Save button to save your progress on the assessment and remain on the same screen.

Never use your browser's Back button to navigate.

  1. When you are finished with the assessment, select Submit for Grading. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation number.

Save will NOT submit your test.

Mark For Review

If enabled by your instructor, you may also mark a question for review. This allows you to come back to any question you have marked.

  • To view a list of marked or unanswered questions, select View unanswered or marked questions button.