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Students: Blogs

Create a Blog Entry

  1. Select Add Blog Entry
  2. Give the blog posting a Title
  3. Type your blog. You may use the built-in text editor to format your text as desired.
  4. Choose who can see the blog entry by selecting the available options: 
  • Only site administrators and I can see this entry: Only the author and those people with the appropriate role, such as instructor, maintainer, TA, and site collaborator may view the blog. 
  • All members of this site can see this entry: Every member of the site is able to view the blog posting
  • This entry is publicly viewable: This will allow Blog to be viewed outside of TRACS (Not implemented yet). 
  1. Select Publish entry.

Add an Image to your Blog Profile Picture

  1. In Home, select Resources from the left Tool List.
  2. Select on the Actions drop-down menu, and select Upload File.
  3. Drag-and-drop the file onto the designated area of the browser window or select the gray area to browse for a file.
  4. Select Continue to upload the image.
  5. To the right of your item you just uploaded, select the Actions drop-down menu, and select Edit Details.
  6. Select the button next to This file is publicly viewable.
  7. Copy the item's URL from the Web Address (URL) field.
  8. Select Update.
  9. Navigate to your TRACS site Blog tool.
  10. Select My Blog Settings.
  11. Paste the URL you copied in Step 7.
  12. Select Change settings.

Edit a Blog

  1. Select Edit entry under the blog you wish to edit.
  2. Make the necessary edits and select Publish entry.

Comment on a Blog

  1. Select the name of the blogger whose blog you want to leave a comment on.
  2. Select Leave a comment under the blog post.
  3. Write your comment and select Publish comment to post your comment.

Add an Image, Movie, or Audio Recording into a Post

The TRACS Text Editor allows you link to resources such as images, movies, audio recordings and web links.

For more information select the following link: TRACS Text Editor Guide.