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Students: Mailing List Archive

The Mailing List Archive tool allows students to read or retrieve an archived list of emails that have been created by the instructor. Students can also search through emails using keywords.

Read Messages in the Mailing List Archive

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, select Mailing List Archive.
  2. When you locate the message you want to read, click the subject line to read it. The Next Email and Previous Email buttons allow you to move from message to message.
  3. To navigate through pages of messages, use the arrows above the Date Received column header.
  4. Select the Right Arrow Icon [>] to go to the next page, and Left Arrow Icon [<] to go to the previous page.
  5. Select Right Arrow Icon with a line before it [|<] to go to the first page of messages, and the Left Arrow Icon with a line before it [>|] to go to the last page of messages.