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Submit Initial Academic Feedback Using the TRACS Gradebook


Initial Academic Feedback is ONLY available for US 1100 classes.

If you do not teach a US1100 Section, you will not see this option in Gradebook and you cannot submit Initial Academic Feedback.

You must be designated as an official instructor of record for the course by the University Registrar to be able to submit grades. If you are teaching a course with another instructor, you will only be able to submit your own Initial Academic Feedback. 

Instructional assistants, teaching assistants, and graduate assistants are NOT allowed to submit Initial Academic Feedback to the University Registrar’s system unless they have been designated an official instructor of record.

Submit Initial Academic Feedback

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, select Gradebook
  2. Verify that all information is correct and valid
  3. Select the Submit Grades tab
  4. Under Submit Initial Academic Feedback, select Start Academic Feedback Submission
  5. Select Submit to proceed
  6. Choose the roster you wish to submit grades for by placing a check mark in the box provided. If your TRACS site has multiple class rosters, you will be able to select which course you wish to submit, or you may submit all of them as long as you are an official instructor of record for the course(s).
  7. Select Submit Grades

View Grade Submission Receipt

If you wish to view grade submission receipts after you’ve submitted your grades, follow these steps:

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, select Gradebook
  2. Select the Submit Grades tab
  3. Under View Grade Submission Receipt, select View Submission Receipt
  4. Select Submit to proceed
  5. Choose the course you wish to view and select View Receipt
  6. Select Print Receipts to print, or select Return to Gradebook to return to Gradebook