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iRubric, a tool previously available in TRACS, will be decommissioned on June 22. Canvas offers a rubric creation tool that allows instructors to seamlessly customize rubrics for your course needs. If you are currently using rubrics created in iRubric, please plan to move your content into Canvas before June 21.

Once you create a rubric in Canvas, the rubric is saved in your course for future use. You can easily add ratings, manage criterion, and even add the rubric to specific assignments.

Learn more about creating a rubric in Canvas.

iRubric allows for the creation and use of rubrics to evaluate and grade assignments. Created rubrics are linked with users, not sites. So you will be able to access your rubric in any site you create.

Creating Your Rubric

Learn how to add a rubric into your site, create a rubric from scratch, copy a rubric from a gallery, and how to make modifications to your rubric.

iRubric Grading

Learn how iRubric calculates rubric scores, how simple dividers and full divider are used, and you can use iRubric's advanced options for elaborate grading.

Use Your Rubrics In TRACS Tools

Learn how to grade with your rubrics in TRACS tools including Rubric Manger, Lessons, Assignments, and Gradebook