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Turning Point For Students

TurningPoint Checklist

  A TurningPoint Account

  A TurningPoint License

  A TurningPoint Response Card

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  Turning Point Response Card and License Information

Many instructors require the use of TurningPoint Response cards in their classes. If you are a new student and have never used TurningPoint or if you are a student who previously used TurningPoint, you will need to create a Turning Account.

A Turning Account is used to manage licenses and register your Response card device(s). A Turning Account license includes ResponseWare for multiple response options. 

When you register you will be registered for all your courses.

A Turning Account license is required to receive classroom credit when the Response Cards are utilized.

  New Students Using TurningPoint

If you are a new student or have never used TurningPoint, you will need to purchase a TurningPoint Response Card and Registration license.

Response Cards and Registration codes may be purchased at the University Bookstore or at the TurningPoint Online Student Store.
Once you have a TurningPoint Response Card and Registration License, please log into TRACS to create your TurningPoint Account for in class use.

  Create Your TurningPoint Account in TRACS

  1. Log into TRACS
  2. Select the course requiring the use of TurningPoint
  3. Select the TurningPoint tool in the course site.
  4. You will be redirected to the TurningPoint Account Creation Page.
  5. Enter your Texas State email address in the area provided and select Create an account.
  6. An email from Turning Technologies will be sent to you. Check your email and select the verification link within the email
  7. Enter all the required fields as noted by the asterisks and select Finish.
  8. Select Get Started to begin subscription and device registration.
  9. Enter a subscription code and select Redeem. If you don't have a subscription code yet you can do this later. Select Continue.
  10. Enter Device ID in the appropriate field and select Add. If you don't have a selecter yet you can do this later. Select Continue.
  11. The Learning Management System (LMS) Connection will display. Select Finish. The Turning Account Profile is displayed with your subscriptions and registered response devices.

You must have a TurningPoint license to participate and receive credit for in-class responses.


  ResponseWare In The Classroom

The ResponseWare license is automatically enabled with your TurningPoint Subscription. Your license is found in your TurningPoint Profile under Response Devices. It will be the number displayed in Mobile ID.

Download and install the Responseware Application from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store.

Note: Some instructors may not allow students to use devices such as:

  • cell phones
  • laptops
  • tablets

To ensure you receive class credit, you need to check with your instructor before using ResponseWare.

  Purchasing a New ResponseWare License

Your ResponseWare license is only valid for one year. If your ResponseWare license has expired you may purchase a new one online using the TurningPoint Store.

  1. In your TurningPoint Profile page, select Purchase Subscription.
  2. From the Subscriptions option choose the subscription offer you wish to purchase. 
  3. Select Add to Cart. Your cart will be updated. Select Close.
  4. Select the shopping cart icon located at the top of the screen to enter the check out page.
  5. Select Checkout.
  6. Enter your billing information and then Review Order.
  7. Complete your purchase.
  8. Return to your Turning Account Profile page. Your subscription will now display with the indicated expiration date.


ResponseWare Logging Out

It’s recommended to keep your device awake while ResponseWare is in use.

The ResponseWare app may logout if your device goes to sleep or screen saver activates.

To prevent logging out of your session.

  1. Within the ResponseWare app select the menu
  2. Select Settings.
    • Android -  Select "Keep Device Awake"
    • Apple iOS - Select "Prevent Auto-Lock" to the On Position.

While the TRACS Support Staff does not provide support for TurningPoint devices used in the classroom, we do provide assistance in account registration and ensuring your device is properly linked to TRACS.

For assistance using the TurningTool, please visit or contact your instructor. 

For assistance with linking your device to TRACS, contact or call 512.245.5566