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Bulk Add and Edit Syllabus

Create syllabus items in bulk by either specifying the number of items you want to create or by a date range, in which a syllabus item will be created for each selected day of the week that falls between the start and end dates.

Bulk Add 

  1. In the Syllabus tool of your site, select Bulk Add.

  2. Enter a title.

  3. Enter the number of syllabus items you would like to add.
  4. Select Add and Publish to return to the main syllabus page where the number of syllabus items requested have been added.
  5. You may now add a files to each item as an attachment or open the Rich Text Editor to create content directly in the Syllabus item.

Bulk Edit 

  1. In the Syllabus tool of your site, navigate to the Bulk Edit tab
  2. To edit a Title or the Start and End time, select in the corresponding syllabus item field and make your changes.
  3. If you want to add a syllabus item to the calendar or publish a syllabus item, click the checkbox under the Calendar or Publish column, for the corresponding syllabus item(s) you would like to link to the calendar or post to site participants.
  4. To remove syllabus items from your site, select the checkbox under the Remove column, for the corresponding syllabus item(s) you want to remove. 
  5. Select the up-arrow to move a syllabus item up one or select the down-arrow to move a syllabus item down one. 

    If you make an edit to any of the previous options, you will need to update your Syllabus before editing content details. If you do not, you will lose any changes you have made.  

  6. Select Update to save your changes, or Reset to cancel any changes you've made
  7. If you want to change the options in one syllabus item select Edit Details.
  8. Make edits to your syllabus.
  9. (Optional) Choose your Email Notification options to let participants know a change has been made to the syllabus. Your options are:
    • None - No notification
    • Low - Not received by those who have opted out
    • High - All active participants
  10. Select Post to post your syllabus, making it available to site participants. Select Preview to view your syllabus before you post it. Select Save Draft to create your syllabus but not make it visible to site participants, or select Cancel to exit without saving.