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Site Info: Import from Site

  1. Select Import from Site.
  2. Choose which option you would like to use:
  • I would like to replace my data: Any existing data in the site will be overwritten and replaced with the imported material. This method allows you to import Gradebook settings and options from another site.
  • I would like to merge my data: Your imported materials will be combined with existing information in the site. This method does NOT import Gradebook settings and options from other sites.
  • I would like to merge my user(s): Your imported users(s) will be combined with the existing site participants. This method will not import university course rosters.
  1. Choose the site you want to import materials from.
  2. Select Continue.
  3. Select the tools you would like to import items from by select the check box next to the material you would like to add.
  4. Select Finish. The items you checked (e.g. announcements) will be imported into your current site within the appropriate tool—Announcements, Gradebook, etc.

Below is a list of tools with content available for import. Any tools not listed below cannot be imported from other sites on TRACS.

Tool Remaining Tasks
Site Stats No tasks necessary.
Announcements Edit announcement dates and review settings, then click [Save Changes].
Assessments Edit assessment dates and review settings, then click [Save Settings and Publish].
Assignments Edit assignment dates and review settings, then click [Post].
Calendar Edit event content and details, then click [Save Event].
Chat Room (Optional) Edit room details, then click [Update Options].
Forums Review forum/topic settings, then click [Save].
Gradebook Any Grade Items that have the same names as assessments or assignments that will be automatically reporting scores to Gradebook will need to be deleted. Otherwise, students will receive error message upon submission. (Optional) Review Gradebook structure and settings.
*Lessons Make any linked content from other tools (Assignments, Assessments, Forums, etc.) available to participants.
News No tasks necessary.
Polls Edit poll dates and review settings, then click [Save].
Resources No tasks necessary.
Syllabus No tasks necessary.
Web Content No tasks necessary.
Wiki No tasks necessary.

For information on how to export/import Learning Modules, please see the Learning Modules help document.