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Change Participant Roles and Status

Change Participant Role

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, select Site Info.
  2. Scroll down to the Participant List, which displays the number of participants in the site, their names, and their assigned role and status. A check box is also provided to remove a site participant.
  3. To change a participant’s role, select the appropriate role from the Role drop-down menu. To change a participant’s status, use the Status drop-down menu. (Making a site participant Inactive makes the course inaccessible to that individual).
  4. Select Update Participants to save your changes.
To remove a participant, select the check box next to the participant’s name under the Remove column.

Change Participant Status

  1. Select the Status drop-down menu, and select Active or Inactive as the new status.
  2. Select Update Participants. Inactive participants will disappear from the participant list, and newly Active participants will reappear and remain in the participant list.
Once a user’s status has been changed to Inactive, they will no longer have access to the site.