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Site Info

The Site Info tool provides information about the site you are in. It is selected by default when you create a site. As the instructor or maintainer of the site, you can use site info to make changes to information about the site, add and remove tools, and import course materials, among other things.

Site Info Tool Functions

Edit Site Information The Edit Site Information tool allows you to change the title, appearance and description of your TRACS site.
Manage Tools Manage tools allows you to add or remove tools in your site.
Tool Order The Tool Order function allows users to reorder, rename, and make tools inactive in their sites.
Add Participants The Add Participants function allows you to add members to your site.
Site Stats Site Stats allows the site instructor or maintainer view information concerning the usage of their sites.
Edit Class Roster (s) Edit Class Roster tool allows you to remove and add rosters to your course site.
Manage Groups Manage Groups allows you to set up or reconfigure groups within your site. You will also be able to view groups and their members in this tool.
External Tools External Tools allows you to manage or add LTI tools already configured for the site, or set up a new LTI tool integration.
Manage Access Manage Access allows you to change the access status of your site. This feature allows you to publish your site or leave it as a draft.
Duplicate Site The Duplicate Site feature allows you to make an exact copy of the site.
Import from Site TRACS allows for the importation of course material from sites you already own.
User Audit Log User Audit Log allows you to view activity related to users being added, removed, or modified in your site.


Site Info Tool Guide