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Adding and Removing Resources

File names and folder names should contain only letters, digits, and underscores. Make sure there are no special characters in the file name, such as accent marks, hyphens, asterisks, dashes, or any other special characters, as this will cause the file to not be readable by site participants.

No spaces or punctuation is highly recommended.

This means that in your file names and folder names there should not be any spaces, tabs, commas, apostrophes, slashes, quotes, unusual characters or any of the following symbols # & % + * = @ ~ ^ $ < > ( ) [ ] { } : ; ? !

If you are a MAC user, make sure the file extension (e.g., .gif, .doc, .ppt) is present when uploading files to resources. If a file extension is not present, anyone attempting to download or view the file will receive an error message.