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Gradebook: Add & Remove Grade Items

Instructors will typically add items into the Gradebook for things such as posting homework grades for items completed outside of TRACS or discussion Forum grades.

Assignments, and Assessment scores can be sent to the Gradebook from within the respective tools when the item is posted or published. There is no need to add those items manually in the Gradebook.

Add a New Grade Item

  1. In your site's Gradebook select Add Gradebook Item.
  2. In the Add Gradebook Item window enter a Title for the grade item. (required).
  3. Enter the Point Value (required).
  4. Select the check box for Extra Credit if the grade item is for extra credit (optional)
  5. Enter a Due Date (optional)
  6. If a category style gradebook is setup, select the appropriate category for this item from the Category drop-down menu.
  7. Leave the checkbox selected for Release this item to Students to allow students to view their grades for this item. Uncheck this to hide the grade item from students.
  8. Leave the checkbox selected for include this item in course grade calculations to include it in the course grade calculation. Unchecking this will not count this grade item toward the final course grade. You cannot include an item for course grade calculation and also choose to not release it.
  9. Select Create to save.

Any items which are not released to students will have crossed out eye icon ( ) and a crossed out calculator icon ( ) to indicate that they are not visible to students, and that they are not being calculated as part of the course grade.

Edit a Grade Item

  1. Select the down arrow within the column header for the grade item and choose Edit Item Details.
  2. Make the appropriate changes and select Save Changes to save.

Delete a Grade Item

  1. Select the down arrow within the column header for the grade item and choose Delete Item.
  2. A Delete Item confirmation box will appear to ensure you truly want to permanently delete this grade item. Select Delete to permanently delete the item.