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Release Forum or Topic to Specific Group

You must FIRST create your groups using the Manage Groups function in Site Info.

Once you have created your groups, you must now go into the Forums tool and create a forum and topic for the group. The only people that will be allowed to see the forum and topic will be the group you give permission.

Create a Forum or Topic for a Specific Group

It is easiest to create a forum for each group and have topics for that group in their forum. When a topic is created in a forum, it will inherit the permissions you changed. Think of the forum as the discussion and the topic as its sub-discussion.

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, select Forums.
  2. Select New Forum.
  3. In the Permissions area, select the Permission Level drop-down menu next to the student role, if you are working in a course site, or access if you are working in a project site, and select None. This will remove all abilities in this particular forum for that role, thereby not allowing the role to even see the particular forum.
    • After selecting None, you can select Customize next to the role to see the abilities removed (you can also use Customize to uncheck every permission box, which has the same result as choosing None from the Permission Level drop-down menu).
  4. You must now grant permissions to the group you want to access the forum. In the Permissions area of the new forum, you will see your groups. You can change the Permission Level for the group to Contributor.
  5. Add a Topic to the forum. Each topic you create in the forum will inherit the group permissions you have set.

Automatically Create Topics for Groups

First create a forum where all the group topics will be created. Once the Forum is created, you will have the ability to automatically create group topics.

  1. Select New Topic next to the desired forum.
  2. Create the topic as detailed in the Create Topic section above. 
  3. Under the Automatically Create Topics section, select Automatically create multiple topics for groups. All the groups in the site will automatically appear.
  4. Select the check boxes for the groups you want to automatically create topics for.
  5. To save the topic, select Save. All Topics created will be titled followed by a hyphen with the group name.
  6. Select Topic Settings for the appropriate group topic.
  7. Scroll to the Permissions table on the Topic Settings page. Under the Permission Level column for student, change the drop-down menu item from Contributor to None.
  8. To save the new settings, select Save