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Subscribing to a calendar will generate a private URL for you to access the calendar in your site through a web-based or desktop calendar client.

If you subscribe to the calendar in your 'Home' page it will aggregate the events from the calendars of all the sites of which you are a member of.

Make a Public URL

Subscription to this calendar in other applications will display all events within a window of plus 12 and minus 6 months. Authentication is not required and all events will potentially be visible to the general public. If this is not desirable then please publish via a private link instead.

  1. Select Publish (Public) tab near the top of the Calendar page.
  2. Enter a Calendar Name.
  3. Select the checkbox labeled Enable Subscription?
  4. Select Save.

The new link will allow anyone with it to access the Calendar.

Make a Private URL

Generating a private URL link will require those who have the link to sign on in order to access this calendar in other calendaring applications.

  1. Select the Publish (Private) tab near the top of the Calendar page.
  2. Select Generate.
  3. Select the generated link.

These links are for private use only. If you have accidentally disclosed the URL to others then please select the Regenerate button to create a new private link.

You may also delete this link and make the calendar unavailable for subscription by selecting Delete.