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View Turnitin Report

Viewing a Turnitin Report

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, select Assignments.
  2. Underneath the assignment you wish to grade, select Grade.
  3. You will see a color-coded report icon in the Turnitin column in the grading screen if the Originality Report has been processed for a student's submission.
  4. Select the icon to view the report.

Similarity Index

The Originality Report shows a percentage and a corresponding color indicating on an index where this percentage falls in terms of matching content. The higher the percentage, the greater the amount of text in the submission that came up as matching against information in Turnitin's repositories.

The color of the report icon is linked to one of 5 tiers of the Similarity Index:

Blue (no matching words)
Green (One matching word - 24% similarity index)
Yellow (25-49% similarity index)
Orange (50-74% similarity index)
Red (75-100% similarity index)