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Peer Review allows students to review another student's submission. The reviewer will assign a grade to the assignment that will be verified by the instructor. 

Peer review does not allow students to upload attachments for evaluation.

Add an Assignment with Peer-Review

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, select Assignments.
  2. Select Add to create an assignment.
  3. Fill in the following information:
    The information marked by an asterisk is required information.
  • Title: This is the title of the assignment.
  • Open Date: This is the date and time that the assignment will be available to students.
  • Due Date: This is the date and time that the assignment is due.
  • Accept Until: This is the date and time at which the assignment will not be visible to students.
  1. Select Student Submissions: These are the ways students will be able to submit their assignment.
  • Inline only: Students access the assignment and enter text into an available text editor, or they
    can copy and paste their work into the text box.
  • Attachments only: The student submits work by adding a file as an attachment.
  • Inline and Attachments: The student will have both options available.
  • Non-Electronic: Allows the instructor to add the assignment to TRACS but the student hands in a hard copy of the assignment instead of submitting it electronically. The instructor still grades the assignment in the assignment tool.
  • Single Upload File only: The student submits work by adding one file as an attachment.
  1. Choose if you would like to allow the site participant the ability to resubmit their work. This option allows the participant to resubmit their work in case they chose the wrong file to attach or other similar cases. You may also allow a resubmission of work when you are grading the assignment on a case-by-case basis.
  • Number of resubmissions: The participant will always be allowed the original submission PLUS however many you choose. For example, if you allow 2 resubmissions the participant will be able to submit their assignment 3 times (1 original and 2 resubmissions).
  • Resubmission Accept Until: This is the date and time that participants can resubmit their work until.
    Resubmissions are not allowed if the student did not submit the assignment by the Accept Until Date.
  • Released Resubmission: Choose to send a notification email to students when the grade is released and resubmission is available.
  1. Select Points from the Grade Scale from the drop-down menu. Peer Review requires a Point Grade Scale.
  2. Enter Assignment Instructions in the text editor.
  3. Choose your Grading options.
  4. Under Additional Assignment Options, select Use Peer Assessment.
  • Evaluation Period Finishes: Enter a date and time that the peer evaluation period ends. This time must be set at least 10 minutes after the Accept Until Date for the assignment.
  • Anonymous evaluation: Select this option to make the student assignments and the reviewer anonymous. The submission(s) and reviewer(s) names will always be displayed to instructors. 
  • Allow students to see reviews of their submissions: This option allows students to see the peer review of their submission after the assignment has been released.
  • Number of submissions students must review: This is the number of submissions students must review.
  • Enter the Instructions for reviewers in the text editor.
  1. Choose an Access option:
  • Display to site: This option displays the assignment to the entire site.
  • Display only to selected groups: This option allows you to release the assignment to a specific group in the class. You must have already created groups.
  1. Select Post to post your assignment, making it available to site participants on the Open Date you chose.