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ePortfolio Integration

Assignments that have been added to ePortfolio will now be visible in TRACS and any grades or comments associated with submissions in ePortfolio will be visible in your gradebook in TRACS. Your TRACS site must have the Assignments tool added to it prior to integration. 

Send Grades to TRACS Gradebook

The ePortfolio grade field allows you to enter a numerical value to use as the grade on the activity, regardless of the score generated from the rubric used for assessment. You will be asked by TRACS to enter a maximum total point value for the assignment’s gradebook entry if you choose this method.

 Grades and comments sent to TRACS from ePortfolio will transfer during the nightly data transfer. Changes made to grades and comments will not be reflected in TRACS until the next day.
  1. Log into TRACS.
  2. In the left Tool List of your site, select Assignments.
  3. Locate the ePortfolio assignment and select Edit.
  4. Choose the Grading Option you’d like to use. Either Don’t show this assignment in gradebook, or Add assignment to gradebook.
  5. If your gradebook is categorized, choose the appropriate category to add the assignment to from the drop-down menu that appears.
  6. Choose which grade you’d like to use. You may use either the ePortfolio grade field or the ePortfolio total score field.
  7. Enter the maximum point value.
  8. Select Post. The comments and grades assigned in ePortfolio can now be viewed in your TRACS Gradebook.
All editing, including grading and commenting, for ePortfolio activities should be completed in ePortfolio, not in TRACS.

ePortfolio and TRACS Assignment

Assignments and Course Binders from ePortfolio will automatically be visible to you in the TRACS Assignments tool. There is no need to add or create a new assignment. Assignments integrated with ePortfolio are identified by the ePortfolio label underneath the Status column in the TRACS Assignments tool.

Your TRACS site must have the Assignments tool added to it.