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Step 3: Publish Assessment

When the assessment settings are ready, and the questions are in place, select Save Settings and Publish to publish the assessment so that your students can take it. You should make all modifications and corrections to an assessment BEFORE publishing it. Once an assessment is published, you will be able to change some options, but not all. If you are not yet ready to publish, you may select Save instead to save your settings without publishing, and come back to the assessment later. When you are ready to publish the assessment, you can use the following steps.

Publish an Assessment

  1. On the left Tool List of your site, select Assessments
  2. Select Settings & Publish, which is located in the Action drop-down menu next to the assessment you would like to publish. 
  3. On the Settings page, make sure all settings are configured as you would like them, and then select Save Settings and Publish.
  4. On the Publish Assessment Confirmation page, you'll see the settings you configured for the assessment. If your assessment has been configured to allow anonymous users (those users outside of your site) to take the assessment, you will need to distribute the Published Assessment URL displayed on the confirmation page. Select Publish to confirm.

On the Assessments page, your newly published assessment will appear under the Published Assessments: released to students tab. If the assessment's open date is set in the future, its status will be Inactive until that date.