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Step 2: Assessment Settings

The Assessment Settings allows the assessment creator to customize the settings for their assessment. Assessment settings offer multiple options including determining when the assessment will be available and due, if it is timed, and if you wish to allow late submissions. You can also determine if you wish to send grades to the Gradebook, provide feedback and comments on their assessment. 

How to Access Settings & Publish

  1. Go to the Assessments tool.
  2. Under the Assessments: not released to students tab, select the Select Action drop-down menu to the left of your Assessment Title.
  3. Select Settings & Publish.

You will be redirected to a page with numerous sections. You may continue scrolling down to go through all of the settings. If you wish to learn more information for a specific section in Settings & Publish, select one of the icons below. 

  About This Assessment

The About This Assessment section gives the user an opportunity to:

  • Edit the Assessent Title
  • Add a Description/Intro 
  • Require students to agree to a Honor Pledge before beginning
  • Add Attachments


  Availability and Submissions

Assessment Released To

Specify who is allowed to view the assessment.

  • Anonymous Users: This setting allows any user that has the ability to log into TRACS to take the assessment as long as they have the published URL of the assessment. You must go out of your way to not only allow this but to allow anonymous users the ability to take the assessment. These scores will not be visible to the instructor nor will grades be available to be sent to the Gradebook. This setting is normally used for surveys.
  • Site: This is the default setting. Only users present in the site will have access to the assessment. These are the students who have registered for the course, or users you've manually added to the site.
  • Selected Groups: This setting allows you to choose a specific group or section to have access to the assessment.

You must already have a group created. For more information see Release Assessments to Groups

Number of Submissions

Specify how many submissions you'll allow.

Number of Submissions allowed is:

  • Unlimited: Allow an unlimited number of submissions.
  • Only: Specify the number of submissions allowed by typing a numerical value in the number of submissions allowed box.

Delivery Dates

Specify the date and time an assessment will be made available and when it will be due. To set the dates and times, select the calendar icon next to each field. Your options are:

  • It is available: This is the date and time the assessment will be available for participants to take.
  • It is due: This is the date and time the assessment is due and should be submitted. Think of this, in a face-to-face class, as you telling the students to pass in their test. The link for the assessment will also disappear from view if the user has not already started the assessment. Assessments cannot be submitted after this date and time unless late submissions are allowed. You can learn more about submissions handling in the Late Submissions section below.

Timed Assessment

This setting allows you to time the assessment and specifies the amount of time allowed. Once time runs out, the assessment is automatically submitted for grading. Users are not allowed to stop the timer for any reason.  If the user exits the assessment, logs out of TRACS, switch computers, etc., the timer continues to run.

Late Submissions

Specify whether or not you'll accept submissions after the due date. To set the date and time, select the calendar icon next to each field. If you choose to accept late submissions they will be flagged during grading.

  • No Submissions after due date: Assessments cannot be submitted after this date and time. Participants who have not begun the assessment before the due date will not be able to start.
  • Yes, accept until: This is the date and time the assessment will be accepted until from students. An assessment is not open to students to take after the accept until date or after the Stop Accepting Now button is selected.

Automatic Submissions

Saved assessments will submit automatically in the morning following the accept until date. This option forces the submission of saved assessments for students who have NO previous submissions. If a student started the assessment and exited without submitting, this option will submit it for them. If the assessment is timed, this option is moot.

Security Options

Specify that only certain IP addresses can access your assessment, OR create a password to use for accessing the assessment.

  • Allow only specified IP Addresses: This setting allows you to designate an individual computer or bank of computers to have access to the assessment.  
  • Password: This setting allows you to designate a password for the assessment. The user will log into TRACS using their Texas State NetID and password to enter the course. Once they select the assessment they will be asked to enter the Password you've added to the assessment. You must give this information to the users to access the assessment. 

Secondary IDs and passwords are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as you have designated. Please do not use symbols or spaces for passwords.

Add message that students will see after submission

Type a message or specify a URL to be delivered to the user upon submission.

  Grading and Feedback

Recorded Score for Multiple Submissions

If you have allowed multiple submissions for your assessment, select the type of score that you want to be recorded in the Gradebook for that assessment.

  • Highest score: This option records the highest score out of all submissions.
  • Last score: This option records the last score received.
  • Average score: This option records the average of all submission scores.

Anonymous Grading

  • Hide student identity from grader: This option hides the identity from the grader. Only instructor role can see the identity.

Gradebook Options

  • Send assessment score to Gradebook Immediately, regardless of options below -  the Gradebook will have an automatically created entry named with the same title as the assessment itself. This option will allow students to see their assessment grade immediately, regardless of when feedback is set to be given

Feedback Authoring

For Feedback Authoring, the default option is Question-Level Feedback. This allows the instructor to author feedback to the overall question, explaining the answer.  You may also choose to display Selection-Level Feedback (i.e. feedback per A, B, C...etc answer choice), or Both.

Feedback Delivery

Feedback Delivery controls if and when students are able to see their submission results.  

Specify what feedback information the participant will see and when.

  • No Feedback will be displayed to the student: The participant will not receive any feedback whatsoever about the assessment. The questions themselves will also not be displayed to the student.
  • Feedback available DURING Assessment: Enables students to select Show Feedback button that appears on each question page while taking the assessment.
  • Feedback available AFTER the student submits the assessment: The participant will see the feedback components you choose once the assessment has been submitted for grading.
  • Feedback will be displayed to the student at a specific date: Select the calendar icon to specify the date and time. The participant will see the feedback components on the date and time you choose.

Advanced Feedback Options

  • Only release Student's Assessment Scores: This option will only release the student's scores and will not allow the student to see assessment questions or answer choices.
  • Release Questions and the Following:
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  • Selecting the Student Response feedback option will display the answer choice the user chose.

    Student Response Feedback

  • The Correct Response Feedback will display to the student the correct answer to the question.

    Correct Response Feedback

  • Selecting the Student's Scores feedback option will display the participant's overall assessment score on their assessment's page. 

    Student's Score

  • The Student's Question and Part Scores feedback option will display the participant's score on individual questions and parts. It will also allow participants to view comment's added to a specific question. 

    Student's Question and Part Scores

  • Selecting the Question-Level Feedback will display to the student any feedback you wrote when the question was created.

    Question Level Feedback

    This Option requires that you select the Question-Level Feedback or Both option under Feedback Authoring


  • The Selection-Level Feedback option displays to the student feedback based on the selection the participant made.

    This Option requires that you select the Selection-Level Feedback or Both option under Feedback Authoring

  • Selecting the Grading Comments feedback option will display to the student any comments the grader as made to the student's overall assessment or individual questions. 

    Grader's comments feedback


  • Selecting the Statistics and Histogram feedback option will display to the participant statistical data about the assessment including site percentages for questions and responses, and the number of responses per question.




  Layout and Appearance

Question Layout

  • Each question is on a separate web page (recommended and system default): Users will be presented with one question at a time and must select Next to advance through the assessment. Each time the user advances to the next question their answer is recorded with our server. This makes assessment recovery much easier should technical issues arise.
  • Each part is on a separate Web page: Each assessment part will appear on a separate page, displaying all of the questions for that part on one page. Please note that multiple parts must be created in the assessment for this option to be valid.
  • The complete Assessment is displayed on one Web page: This setting presents all assessment questions on a single page. This setting is NOT recommended for assessments.

No matter the layout, all assessments automatically save every two minutes while on an assessment question. A message will display at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds notifying the user of a successful autosave.


Choose the numbering pattern here. Numbering can be either Continuous throughout the test or can Restart for each part.  (For example, if you have multiple parts in the exam and the second part is for essay questions, you could have the numbering go back to 1 for the first essay question.) If you restart numbering for each part, questions are numbered with the part number, then the question number.  

Mark Question for Review

This option allows users to mark a question that they are unsure of the answer. Before submitting their assessment for grading, the participant will be alerted that they have left a question marked for review and to go back and review it before submitting their assessment.


You can choose a color or image for the background here.  To select the colors, select the palette icon.  The image is given by a URL.  An image smaller than the screen will be tiled to cover the entire screen area.

It is typically a best practice to leave the background of the assessment a solid color which provides good color contrast between text and background (e.g. a white background with black text) so that students can easily read the questions. Background images may make the assessment difficult to read if images compete with the text.