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Announcements are used to inform users of changes in deadlines, schedules, policies of the class or projects, as well as answer questions or make general comments.

Announcements can have multiple attachments, such as documents or links to URLs. An announcement can be automatically emailed to all site participants. Announcements can be sent only to a selected section or group within a site. Availability can also be added to announcements.

Create an Announcement

  1. Select Add to create a new announcement.
  2. Enter a title in Announcement Title.
  3. Compose your announcement in Body.
Fields marked with an asterisk are required.
  1. Select an Access option by selecting the corresponding button. Your choices are:
  • Only members of this site can see this announcement
  • This announcement is publicly viewable
  • Display this announcement to selected groups only (only available if group or sections have been created)
    • Select the check box next to the group you want to send the announcement to.
  1. Select an Availability option by selecting the corresponding button. your choices are:
  • Show - (Post and display this announcement immediately)
  • Hide - (Draft mode - Do not display this announcement at this time)
  • Specify Dates - (Choose when this announcement will be displayed)
    • Beginning Date - This is the date the announcement will be displayed to students)
    • Ending Date - This is the date the announcement will no longer be displayed to students)
  1. (Optional) To add an attachment, select Add Attachments. You can attach an existing item from the Resources tool in any of your sites OR add an item from your computer.
  2. (Optional) You can send an email to notify site participants about the new announcement. In the Email Notification field, select from the following options:

  • None: No notification (default setting)
  • Low: Not received by those who opted out
  • High: All active participants
If you set the announcement to display in the future, an email will be sent on the beginning date and time you specify.
  1. Select Post Announcement

Edit Announcement

  1. Select Announcements from the site tool menu
  2. Select Edit below the title of the announcement
  3. Make your desired changes
  4. Select Save Changes