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Reading List

The Reading List tool allows you to create reading lists that contain documents, videos, and other multi-media content using Ebsco. Lists can be created in Lessons or in the Reading List itself.

Add a Reading List to Lessons

You can add reading lists to Lessons so that you can have multiple reading lists in one place. For example, you can have a new list of readings for each week of your course.

  1. Navigate to the Lessons tool
  2. Select the Lesson you wish to add the Reading List. Alternately, you can create a new Lesson that contains just the reading lists for the semester.
  3. Select Add Content
  4. Select Add External Tool
  5. Select Reading List
  6. Enter a title for the tool. This will be displayed to the student, so you may wish to give it a more meaningful title.
  7. Enter button text. You may copy and paste the same text that you used in step 5.
  8. Select the item you wish to use by using the radio button next to the item
  9. Select Use Selected Item to add the list to your Lesson


Linking to Articles & Other Resources: Reading List Builder

Learn how to link to articles and other resources in the library's databases to put in TRACS, bibliographies, or syllabi, share via email, or save in your browser.