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The News tool is an RSS news aggregate, or news reader, that reads and displays content from RSS news feeds that continuously updates within your site. You can find such feeds on a variety of topics by using an Internet search engine. Some sites, such as NY or, have a link to their RSS feed for easy incorporation.

Adding News into your site

  1. Go to Site Info
  2. Select Manage Tools
  3. Expand Content Delivery
  4. Select News
  5. Select Continue
  6. Enter/edit the Title
  7. Enter the URL Channel
  8. Select Continue
  9. Select Finish

Edit your News Feed

  1. Select Edit on the top right corner
  2. Enter/edit a tool title
  3. Enter/edit the maximum number of items to display from this feed
  4. Enter/edit the URL of your RSS feed
  5. Select Save Configuration to save your changes