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Learning Modules: Add Next Steps

The Learning Modules tool allows you to create a sequenced learning path. You can create multiple modules and content sections with links, text, and documents.

Setting Actions for Modules

  1. In Author view, select the round green and white plus icon to the right of the module you want to set instructions for. If you have already added next steps but need to edit them, you will see a magnifying glass icon instead. Select the magnifying glass icon to edit.
  2. Type the steps you want the students to follow when they are finished with a module. Select Add to submit your content and return to Author view.

The next steps will appear at the bottom of each module in the student view, which you can see by selecting View near the top of the screen.

You can set instructions at the end of every module for students, to let students know what they should do after completing the module. You may direct them to a quiz, assignment, or simply ask them to continue with the next module.