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Lesson Settings

Settings in Lessons allows the instructor to modify the look and feel of the current page.

Editing Lessons Settings

  1. Select the gear icon at the top of the page.
  2. Edit the Lessons settings with the documentation below.
  3. Select Save.

Lessons Settings

Page Title Use the text box to rename the Lessons page.
Don't Release Page Until All Prerequisite Pages are Completed Select this checkbox if you would like the page to appear only after previously 'Required' pages have been completed/accessed. You can use this on both sub-pages and top-level pages (pages that appear in the left margin).

If this option is used on a sub-page, a student will not be able to access the page until all prerequisites have been completed. If you use this feature on a top-level page, the student will be able to access the page in the left margin, but will receive a message listing the prerequisite pages.
Require this page Select this checkbox to make this item a prerequisite item for later pages.
Hide this page from users Select this checkbox if you are not ready for students to see the page yet. It will not appear in the left margin.
Hide this page until the following date Select this checkbox if you want a page to become available at a certain date or time.

The page will show in the left margin before but won't be usable.
Create gradebook entry when page is completed. ______ points Select this checkbox to create a Gradebook entry with the same name as the Lessons page. The grade item will be worth the amount of points entered into the points field.
Custom CSS File This permits you to supply a style sheet to be used with the page. This can be used to change fonts, add backgrounds, and make other style adjustments. Because preparing style sheets can be difficult, TRACS recommends using the default style sheet. Using a custom style sheet may impact the accessibility of your Lessons page(s). The Custom CSS style sheet is not a supported feature.

If you upload your own style sheet(s), they will be available for any page in the site. If you name the file default.css, it will be the default for your site, i.e. it will be used for any page that doesn't specify a style sheet. This is for advanced users and is to be used at your own risk. Support is unable to assist if you if anything goes wrong with your stylesheet.
Don't show download links for embedded videos, etc If checked, this setting will not display a link to download the embedded file.