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Using Prerequisites In Lessons

Many items added to a Lessons page can be set to be Required while other lesson items may be set to be unavailable until the required item is completed. This allows instructors to require students to complete one item in Lessons before allowing access to another item.

Require a Lesson Item

  1. Select Edit for item that will be required.
  2. Select Require This Item, then select Update Item.
  3. An asterisk will appear next to the required item.

Conditionally Release a Lesson Item

  1. Select Edit for the item to be restricted.
  2. Select the checkbox Don't Release Item Until All Prequisites are Completed.
  3. Select Update Item.
  4. The conditional item will be greyed out and will now indicate it has prerequisites.

Lessons items that maybe be required

Lessons tool Items that can be set to be required before the student can continue:

  • Add Content items
  • Add Assignment items
  • Add Assessment items
  • Add Forum or Topics items
  • Add Question items
  • Add Comment items
  • Add Student Content

Lessons item that may be unavailable until complete

Lessons tool items that can be set as unavailable until required items are completed:

  • Text items
  • Embedded items
  • Content links
  • Assignment links
  • Quiz links
  • Forum Topic links
  • Question items
  • Add Comment items
  • Student Content
  • Subpages