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Embed Content in Lessons

Embed Content On Page allows users to embed items on the page such as images, movie files, Flash presentations or file on the web.

A file may be uploaded from the desktop computer or from a file already uploaded into site Resources. A URL may also be specified where the item is located. (Example a YouTube URL).

Embed Content On Page

Add URL or Embed Code

  1. Select Add Content and select Embed Content On Page.
  2. To enter a URL, type or paste the URL in the Web Address box.
  3. Select Save to finish.

Upload a File

  1. Select Add Content, then select Embed Content On Page.
  2. To upload a file, Select Choose File to find the file on your computer or network, then select Open.
  3. Select Save to finish.

Choose Existing File

  1. Select Add Content, then select Embed Content On Page.
  2. To link to an existing file in located in Resources, select select existing file from Resources.
  3. Locate the file and choose Select.
  4. Select Continue to finish.

Modify Embedded Content

 Edit Embedded Media

  1. Select Edit next to the item to modify. The Edit Item box will appear on screen.

The options available for modification are as follows:

  • YouTube URL: Change Youtube URL. This option is only available for Youtube links.
  • Width/Height: Change the width or height of the embedded media by pixel size (px) or percent (%).
  • Item Description: Change or add a description for the media. Description will appear below media.
  • Change File or URL: Change the source of the media or URL.
  • Edit the Groups for which this item should be shown: Allows only selected groups access to media file.
  • Show Details: Displays information about media file.
  1. Select Update Item to save changes.

Delete Embedded Item

  1. Select the Trash icon next to the item to delete.
  2. An alert will ask if you are sure you want to delete your content.
  3. Select Delete. The content will be removed