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Lessons: Add and Edit a Subpage

Subpages create links to additional lesson pages within the current lesson to allow users to add additional content.

A top-level Lessons page is a Lessons page that is listed by name in the Tool Menu. Subpages are connected to top-level Lessons pages by a link or a button.

Add a Subpage

  1. Select Add Content and select Add Subpage.
  2. Enter a title for the new page in the Page title box.
  3. (Optional) Select Choose Existing Page to link to an already created subpage.
  4. (Optional) Select the checkbox for Next Page to make the Next button go to this new subpage instead of the next lesson.
  5. (Optional) Select the checkbox Show as button rather than link to make the new subpage appears as a button instead of a hyperlink.
  6. Select Create to finish.

Edit a Subpage

  1. Select the paper and pencil icon next to the subpage to modify. The Edit Item box will appear on screen. The options available for modification are as follows:
    • Item Name: Change the name of the subpage.
    • Item Description: Change or add a description for the subpage. Description will appear below resource.
    • Change Page: Change the subpage being linked.
    • Next page: When selected, the navigational weblinks at the top of the page are removed rather than continue with the threaded navigation (breadcrumbs).
    • Show as button rather than link: If selected, the new subpage will appear as a button instead of a hyperlink.
    • Hide page until the following date (the page will be listed with the release date)
    • Indent Level
    • Custom CSS class
    • Don't Release Item Until All Prerequisites are Completed: Select this option to make page become available only after previously 'Required' items have been completed/accessed.
    • Require This Item: Select this option to make this resource a required item for future lessons.
    • Edit the Groups for which this item should be shown: Allows only selected groups access to subpage.
  2. Select Update Item to save changes