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Lessons: Add or Delete Checklists

Add Checklist will allow Instructors to monitor students progress of tasks provided in the form of a simple checklist.

Add Checklist

  1. Select Add Content, then select Add Checklist.
  2. Enter a checklist title.
  3. Select the checkbox if you want to hide the checklist title from students.
  4. Enter a description for the checklist.
  5. Select Add New Checklist Item to create a new checklist item and enter a title.
  6. You may delete a checklist item by selecting the red X to the right of the item title.
  7. (Optional) Group access allows only selected groups access to checklist.
  8. Select Save to finish.
Instructors will continue to see the checklist title when selected to be hidden from students but will be denoted within parenthesis.. 

Delete Checklist

  1. Select the Trash icon next to the item to delete.
  2. An alert will ask if you are sure you want to delete your content.
  3. Select Delete. The content will be removed.