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Lessons: Add or Edit Comments Tool

The Comments Tool allows students to make comments on a page. Once a student has added a comment, they will have 30 minutes to change or delete the comment. After the time expires, only an instructor may change or delete it.

Add Comments Tool

Select Add Content, then select Add Comments Tool.

Edit Comment Tool

  1. Select Edit next to the Comments tool to modify.

This includes the following:

  • Keep Comments Anonymous: Select this checkbox to make the author of the comment to be Anonymous but followed by a number. The number is used so that students can see which comments were added by the same person. If there are several comments blocks, the numbers are not consistent across the blocks. The instructors will be able to see the author.
  • Create gradebook entries for these: Select this checkbox to add a grade item in the gradebook. Enter the maximum point value for the entry. Grade item value will default to 1 point if the point value is left blank.
  • Don't Release Item Until All Prerequisites are Completed: Select this checkbox to make comments be accessible only after previously 'Required' items have been completed/accessed.
  • Require This Item: Select this checkbox to make this item a prerequisite item for Lessons which follow. The requirement will be satisfied once the student has added a comment.
  • Edit the groups for which this item should be shown: Allows the student comments to only be visible to selected groups.
  1. Select Update Item to save changes.