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Link to an Assignment

Add an Assignment

  1. Select Add Content, then select Link to an Assignment. A list of posted assignments created in the Assignments Tool will appear.
  2. Select the radio button to choose the assignment you wish to add.
  3. Select Use selected item. The assignment will be added to the page.

Edit Assignment

  1. Select the paper and pencil icon to the right of the assignment you would like to modify. The Edit Item box will appear on screen. The options available for modification are as follows:
  • Item Name - Edit the name of the link to the assignment.
  • Item Description - Edit the description of the assignment. This description will appear beneath the assignment. By default, the description includes the assignment's due Date.
  • Change Assignment - Change the chosen Assignment to a different one.
  • Edit Assignment - Allow you to modify the assignment settings.
  • Don't Release Item Until All Prerequisites are Completed - Select this option if you would like the assignment to be accessible only after previously required items have been completed.
  • Require that the student submit this assignment - Select this option to make this item a required item to advance to future lessons.
  • Require that the student receive ____ points on this assignment - Select this option to make a minimum score a requirement in order to continue. This option can only be selected if the item is Required.
  • Edit the groups for which this item should be shown - Allows the assignment to only be visible to selected groups.
  1. After editing the assignment, select Update Item to save your changes.