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Lessons: Add More Pages

On an existing Lessons page, you may add more top-level pages (i.e. pages which display in the site Tool Menu) by selecting the Add More Pages option from the More Tools drop-down menu. The More Tools menu option will only be available while on the top level page of a lesson.

Add More Pages

  1. In the Lessons page select More Tools, then select Add More Pages.
  2. Enter a Page Title for the new page.
  3. Enter a number in the Number of pages text box to add more than one page at a time.
Including a number in the title will result in sequentially numbered pages. For example, if you specify "Unit 4" in the title and request 3 pages, you'll get Unit 4, Unit 5 and Unit 6.
  1. To copy the current page, select the Make new pages copies of the current one check box.
  2. Select Save

Add a Lesson Template

If you have a Lesson Template created and would like to use it follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Lessons Page you want to move the template.
  2. Select Reorder.
  3. Select Add Items from Another Page.
  4. Select the Template.
  5. Select Save.