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Adding Files into Dropbox

Add Files to a Folder

  1. Select the Actions drop down menu to the right of the folder in which you want to upload an item.
  2. Select Upload Files.
  3. You can upload your files in two ways: by file browser or drag and drop.

Special Note to Mac users: When uploading a file, make sure the file extension (e.g., .gif, .doc, .ppt) is present. If a file extension is not present, anyone attempting to download or view the file will receive an error message.

  1. Select Continue
Files with names that include special characters or accent marks cannot be accepted. If your file’s name contains one of these characters, change the file name before attempting to upload it.

Adding Files into Multiple Dropbox Folders

  1. Select Upload Files to Multiple Drop Box Folders.
  2. Choose File to upload.
  3. The display name will by default be the original file name. If you wish to change the name, modify the Display Name field.
  4. In the Available users field on the left, select the name of a participant. Select the right arrow button > to move them to the selected users field on the right. Repeat this for all participants who you want to have the file uploaded in their Drop Box.

You can select multiple participants for upload by holding the Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) key while selecting participants.

  1. Check the box for Send an email notification to the student, if you wish for them to be notified of the file being uploaded to their Drop Box.
  2. Select Continue to finish.