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Manage Wiki and Pages

Watch Wiki Pages

If you would like to receive email notifications when a Wiki page has been changed, select Watch and select your preference. They include:

  • Each time a page is changed in this wiki (or wiki sub-section), send a separate email
  • Send me one email per day summarizing all changes in this wiki (or wiki sub-section)
  • (For wiki sub-sections only) Just do the same as for the main wiki notifications

Select Save to save your settings.

View Page History

You can see the history of any page by selecting History. You will see a list of versions of the page displaying how many changes have been made, who made the changes, and the dates and times of the changes.

You can compare the contents of any particular page by selecting “To Previous” or “To Current” to see a side-by-side comparison. The changes will be highlighted.

To revert to an earlier or later version, select Revert to this version in the version's row.



You can view and edit page permissions by selecting Info while on a page. You will see permissions listed for that particular page by role (instructor, student, teaching assistant).

  1. To change page permissions, check or uncheck the checkboxes.
  2. Select Save to save your changes.

Search for Content

Search for Content

Type the word(s) you are looking for in the Search box near the top of the screen and select Enter. A list of all pages in Wiki containing that word or words is displayed. The search results page will appear in your breadcrumb trail.