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Wiki Links

Create Links to Other Pages

While you are creating or editing an existing page, you can insert a link to another page on Wiki, or to a new page you will create later.

  1. To link to an existing page, type the name of the page you would like to link to within the square brackets. For example: Home.
  2. To link to a page that you will create later, type the name of the new page within square brackets. 
  3. Select the new page title (e.g.: Research?), to view and edit your new page. New pages will always use the default template at creation.
  4. Select Edit. The “Research” page appears in Edit Mode. You can highlight and delete the default text, and begin entering your own text.
  5. Around the text box are instructions and examples of the code you will use to format your text within Wiki.
  6. Select Save to publish the page. Select Preview above the text editor to see what the page will look like when published.

Create Links to Website

  1. Type the entire URL of the page you would like to link to within square brackets. For example: []
To create a link to a web site without displaying the entire URL, you can do so by adding the following tag: {link:Google|}

Linking to a File in Resources

First, upload the file you would like to link to into your site's Resources folder. Then:

  1. Select the link icon in the text editor. Your Resources folder will display
  2. Select Select next to the file you would like to link to
  3. Select Continue
  4. Select Save. Your file will appear as a clickable link on your page