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Edit or Delete Wiki Page

Edit a Page

  1. To edit an existing page (such as the Home page), select the page by clicking on its title.
  2. Select Edit, located in the tool bar, to enter Edit Mode. In Edit Mode, you will see a text box with existing text and/or links. This is where you will enter and edit text, as well as add links and images.
  3. To the right of the box, you will see “Help Tips” to use in creating and formatting text in Wiki.You can type text directly into the text box, copy and paste text, modify existing text, and format text. You can also add tables, links to images (which have been uploaded to the Resources tool), and links to websites.

Delete a Page

  1. Enter Edit Mode and delete all links to the page.
  2. Adding another link with the deleted page's title will bring back the page as it was upon deletion.

Overwrite Wiki Changes 

If someone else has edited and saved the same page you are currently editing, a message will be displayed (once you select Save) alerting you that the page has changed. A preview of the changed page will display above your page. You can then choose to overwrite the changes the other person has made by selecting Overwrite, or keep their changes by selecting Save.