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Create an Event

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, select Sign-Up
  2. Select Add
  3. Fill in the event information. Items with an asterisk are required.

Title: This is the title of the event.

Organizer: This is the person who is responsible for the event.

Location: This is where the event will take place.

Category: You will be able to choose from categories you've already created or create a new one specifically for this event.

Description: This is a description of the event.

Start Time: This is the date and time the event will begin.

End Time: This is the date and time the event will end.

Meeting Frequency: This is how often the event will occur.

Sign-up begins: This is when site participants may start signing up for the event.

Sign-up ends: This is when signing up for the event will end.

Attendance: This option allows you to track attendance for meetings or events.

Available to: This is who can access the event.

If you wish to make the meeting available to other sites, you must do so when you first create the event. This option cannot be added once the meeting has been created.

Meeting Type:

Open Meeting: An open meeting requires no signing up.

Single Slot: An event in which a single time slot will be available. You may designate the maximum number of participants available to sign up for the single time slot or you may allow an unlimited number of participants to sign up.

Multiple Time Slots: An event which will have multiple time slots available to participants. You may limit the number of participants per time slot. When an event has multiple time slots, the duration per time slot is automatically calculated for you. Example: an event is set for one hour and will have 2 time slots available for the meeting. Each time slot will be 30 minutes long.

Advanced user-defined time slots: Select the box next to this option in order to create your own specific time slots. Select Create Timeslot(s) to begin time-slot customization, and select Continue when you are finished.

  1. Select Next
  2. The following screen will give you a summary of the event
  3. You will now be able to set email notification and other settings for the meeting:

Display Participant Names: Allow site participants to view the names of other participants who have signed up for an event/meeting.

Receive Notification: The meeting organizer will receive email notification when a participant signs up or cancels an appointment.

Announce Availability: This option creates an automatic email sent to users notifying them you've created an event.

Meeting Coordinators: This option allows you to add other coordinators to the event. They will receive an email notification when an attendee changes their status.

Other Default Settings: These various options include allowing a wait list, allowing comments, sending auto reminders, publishing the event to the Calendar tool, auto-create groups based on meeting time, and allow users to signup for multiple slots.

  1. Select Publish to save your changes, or select Assign Participants and Publish to publish your event and assign participants to specific time slots