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Sending a Message

  1. Select Compose Message
  2. Next to To, select the individual(s) to whom you want to send a message by typing the participants name or selecting them from the drop-down menu.
  3. If you would like to send a copy of the message to the recipient's email address, check the box next to Send a copy of this message to recipients' email address(es).
  4. Next to Subject, type the subject of your message.
  5. Under Message, use the editor to compose your message.
  6. (Optional) Under Attachments, select Add Attachments to attach a file from your local computer or from the Resources tool. After selecting your file, select Continue to attach the file and continue composing your message.
  7. Select Send to send your message.
You can also select  Compose Message when you're viewing contents in one of the private message folders.