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Section Info: Manually Create a New Section

  1. Select Add Sections.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the number of sections you wish to add and the category type in which the section(s) will be placed. You may add up to 10 sections at one time, however, all these sections must be in the same category. To add different sections in different categories, add them one category at a time.
  3. Select the category for the section. The choices are lab, lecture, and a blank space.
  4. In the field next to Name, title your section. If you do not enter a title, the category title plus a number will become the default section title (for example: Lab1, Lecture2, Studio3).
  5. (Optional) Select the appropriate button option determining section size.
  6. (Optional) Next to Meeting Details,‚ÄĚselect which days of the week this section meets.
  7. In the Start Time field, you may enter the time in which the section meets. Enter the hour and minutes (for example: 8:00). Check next to AM or PM to indicate time of day.
  8. In the End Time field, enter the time in which the section meeting ends. Use the same format as for "Start Time."
  9. In the Location field, enter a location or room number where the section meets.
  10. If you have chosen to add more than one section at a time, enter information for the other sections.
  11. When you are finished, select Add Sections.