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Section Info: Add Users to Sections

Add a Teaching Assistant

You must have the TA(s) already added to the course and assigned the role of TA. For more information on adding participants to a site, please see Site Info.

  1. Select Assign TAs underneath the section you want to assign a TA to.
  2. From the list of site participants, find the TA you would like to assign. Select their name, then select the arrow underneath "Move Selected" to move that person to the Teaching Assistants column.
  3. When you are finished, select Assign TAs.

When sections are created, you can also view your Gradebook by section, have different Assignments for sections, have different Resources for sections, and different Calendar entries for sections.

Add Site Members to Sections

  1. Select Assign Students under the section in which you wish to add participants.
  2. From the list of worksite members, select those you wish to add, and click the right arrow to move them to the box on the right.
  3. When you are finished, select Assign students