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Benefits of the TRACS Mobile App


By downloading the app, you will be able to access TRACS whenever, wherever. You will be able to see announcements, grades, and available information without being at a computer. 

View Grades

View your course course grade released from the Gradebook tool by your professor.

Previewing Documents

Be able to see documents and resources while being away from the computer. You can study in the bus or on the way to school by opening available documents necessary for the course. 

Extended Login

With the app, you can stay logged into TRACS for up to 3 months. As long as your password does not update, you will not have to re-log in to TRACS everytime you open up the app. 

Pinch and Zoom

TRACS Mobile allows you to pinch and zoom while using the app.


With TRACS Mobile, you can now easily take screenshots of important files or documents. This means always having your syllabus in your camera roll, or going back easily and looking at a word document your professor has added into resources.

Device Rotation

The app will adjust when you rotate your device between portrait and landscape view.


With TRACS Mobile, you can now be notified when an announcement or forum post is entered into TRACS. 

Notification Settings

The user can customize their mobile app experience by adjusting the numerous notification settings to fit their needs.

Easy Media Upload

Upload pictures and videos straight from your device's photo library to TRACS.