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TRACS Mobile: Faculty Announcement Notifications

When an instructor posts an announcement, a notification will be sent from the app to site participants' mobile devices. Learn about the information displayed and how to access the notification. If desired, you may disable notifications on the mobile app's Settings module.

Notification Generation

Notification is generated when an announcement is:

  • Published to entire site 
  • Published to a group 
  • Published to a section

Notification is NOT generated when:

  • The announcement tool is hidden 
  • The site is hidden


View an Announcement

View Announcements per Course

  1. In the app, if you have a new announcement your course card will become highlighted
  2. Opening the course card will show a highlighted announcement icon
  3. To view a specific announcement, tap the announcement icon to see a full list of course announcements
  4. Select an announcement to see the full text
The new notification queue for users includes bold text and a colored outline around the course card