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Guest Users

Being added as a guest user (a user who does not have a NetID with Texas State) to a TRACS site means that you have the opportunity to collaborate with others using TRACS. You can find our complete list of training documents, videos, and more extensive help by clicking [Help] in the left Tool list of your TRACS site.

Activating your Guest Account

You were added as a guest user to the TRACS site using your email address. When you were added, TRACS sent you an email with login instructions and a clickable URL. 

  • Selecting the URL will open a webpage in your default web browser. This page requires you to activate your new TRACS guest account by filling in the required information on the page and then selecting Claim your account.

Changing your Password

You can change the password TRACS sent you to one of your choosing. To do this:

  1. Log into TRACS using the credentials sent to you.
  2. Select Account located in Home.
  3. Select Modify Details.
  4. Enter your desired password in the Create New Password and Verify New Password boxes. Select Update Details to save your changes.

Resetting your Password

Please contact TRACS support at or 512.245.5566 to have your password changed. You will need to provide your complete email address when asking to have your password changed.