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Add a Web Link

In the text editor, select the Link Icon. It looks like a chain link. There are three types of links: URL, Link to anchor in the text, and E-mail.


  • Insert the URL for the link into the URL field.  

Link to anchor in the text

  1. Select inside the "Link Type" cell and select Link to anchor in the text.
  2. Select either the Anchor Name or Element Id drop-down menus to select the anchor that you want to link to.
  3. You will need to have defined anchor text using the Anchor tool, which looks like a flag, in order to link to anchor text.


  1. Select the Link Type drop-down menu and select E-mail.
  2. Enter the e-mail address of the e-mail link into the E-Mail Address field.
  3. (Optional) Enter text for Message Subject or Message Body to have text automatically fill those parts of the email when a participant clicks the link.
  4. Select OK.