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Paste from Microsoft Word

If you would like to copy text from Microsoft Word and use it in TRACS, please use the Paste from Word tool.

Copying and pasting text from Word directly into the TRACS text editor can cause issues with formatting and creates extra code that can make forum postings, emails messages, etc. appear incorrectly when posted in TRACS.

  1. Highlight and copy the text from Word that you want to paste into TRACS by using the keyboard Ctrl+C (PC) or CMD+C (Mac) keys.
  2. Go to the TRACS tool you wish to paste the text.  
  3. Select the Paste from Word icon which looks like a W with a clip-board behind it.  
  4. In the box that appears, paste the text you copied from Word by using the keyboard Ctrl+V (PC) or CMD+V (Mac) keys.  
  5. Select OK.