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Adding Audio/Video

Adding an Audio File

Assessments offers an audio recording question type. When this questions is selected, students can create and submit an audio recording as their response to the question. For more information on how to setup an Audio Recording Question, please see our Create an Assessment documentation.

  1. In the text editor, select the Record Audio Clip Icon. It looks like a microphone.
  2. Your browser will prompt you to share your microphone with Select your microphone from the drop-down menu and select Share Selected Device.
  3. Select Start recording to begin recording your audio.
  4. Select Stop recording to stop recording your audio.
  5. Select Preview recording to play back and preview your audio file.
  6. Select Post recording to upload and post your audio file. The Record Audio Clip box will close automatically and the recording will appear within the text editor when it has finished uploading.
You have a 180 seconds to record your response. If the record button isn't enabled, check the top bar of your browser or the area below to Allow use of your microphone. Using headphones while recording is recommended.

Adding a Video File

  1. In the text editor, select the Insert/Edit Video Icon. It looks like a movie clapperboard.
  2. There are two options for adding a video: insert the URL or use an existing file from Resources.
  • Insert URL: Insert the URL for the movie into the URL field.  
  • Use Existing Resources File:
  1. Select Browse Server
  2. Select the correct site
  3. Select the boxes to the left of the folders to find the correct file you are wanting to upload.
  4. Press OK at the bottom right. 
  5. (Optional) Use the Width and Height text boxes to adjust the size of the video.
  6. (Optional) Check Auto Play if you wish for the video to immediately play once the participant views the page.
  7. Select OK.

For best results from sharing videos, TRACS support recommends that instructors use Mediaflo.

Please note that some video files may be too large to upload.

Some users may not be able to view your video depending on how the recording was encoded.