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Beginning of the Semester Checklist

With the new semester right around the corner, TRACS Support has created a checklist for instructors.

As you’re settling back to campus and starting your classes for the semester, make sure you check off these steps for the start of semester in TRACS.

  1. Clear Cache
  2. Arrange Favorite Sites
  3. Create a Course Site
  4. Copy Content from TRACS Site
  5. Publish Site

1. Clear Cache

Optimize Your TRACS Experience – Clear Your Browser Cache

Cached data can often prevent your web sites such as TRACS from displaying properly. For the best TRACS experience, clear your Internet browser's data cache. This will help prevent unwanted visual effects and help ensure a smooth experience.

You do not have to clear your browsing history, passwords or cookies, but be aware that this data can be lost in process.  Contact TRACS support if you have any questions or require assistance with the process of clearing your browser data cache.

2. Arrange Course Sites

Favorite sites appear in the maroon Site-Bar at the top of TRACS

To rearrange your course sites:

  1. Select Your Sites menu at the top-right corner of the window.
  2. Click the ★ to the left of a site name to add/remove a site from favorites.
  3. Select the Organize Favorites tab
  4. Select the triple bar icon ☰ to the right the site title to drag the site above or underneath another site tile.
  5. Select the in the far right corner to exit the Your Sites Menu
  6. Select the Reload button to see your updated favorite sites, or select the refresh button in your browser.

3. Create a Course Site

Course Sites are for Instructors with a roster designated by the University Registrar. The roster will automatically be populated with your students when you select the roster to create the site.

Course sites are only visible to those users who have officially registered for the course or those participants you have added manually.

4. Copy content from another TRACS site

Your previous TRACS site content can be copied to your current site. Here are the steps:

  1. Compare your previous and current course sites. Make sure that all the tools you used in your previous course site are also included in your current course site. If you would like to add additional tools to your current site, select Site Info, then select Edit Tools, and check the boxes next to the tools you would like to add and complete the process.
  2. Go to your current course site and select Site Info.
  3. Choose Import from Site.
  4. Choose your previous course.
  5. Check the boxes next to the content areas you want to copy and click Finish.

Click the Import from Site tab from the Site Info support page for a more in-depth guide on copying content from another site.

5. Publish your Site

If a TRACS site is unpublished it will not be visible to your students and they will not have access to it and the course materials.

An unpublished TRACS site will display a textual notice, "Unpublished Site" at the top of the TRACS Site Toolbar with a Publish Now button.

  • Clicking the Publish Now button will immediately publish the TRACS site. The Publish Now button will no longer be available.