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Copyright Help

Questions and Contact Information

Copyright may be an issue with some of the course materials you wish to include on your course or project site. Stephanie Towery, the Copyright Officer, can help you with any of your copyright questions. You can contact her by telephone at (512) 245-1090 or email:, or arrange an in person visit. Some questions can be answered quickly while others may require some research or review of materials.

All calls and emails will be returned within a 24 hour time frame unless otherwise noted.

The University Copyright Office is also available to do a workshops or programs for your department or office to address any specific copyright questions you may have.

Also, please see the Copyright Research Guide for information regarding various copyright matters.

Copyright Resources

Texas State's copyright guidelines

Copyright is PROBABLY NOT AN ISSUE with

  • Your lecture notes.
  • Your course syllabi/reading lists.
  • Problem sets you've developed for your courses.
  • Tests you've created for your courses.
  • Publications of the U.S. Government.
  • Published works for which copyright has expired or does not apply, i.e. works in the public domain.

Copyright MAY BE AN ISSUE when dealing with

  • Journal articles, or excerpts from them.
  • Books, or excerpts from them.
  • Databases and electronic journals.
  • Musical works, scores, lyrics, and sound recordings.
  • Pictorial/graphic works, art, sculpture, photographs.
  • Audiovisual works, motion pictures, videos, video games.