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Adding Participants to a Site

  1. Log in to TRACS and select your project site.
  2. In your project site, select Site Info from the left Tool List.
  3. Select Add Participants.
  4. Enter the participant's Net ID in the text field "NetID" If you wish to add more than one participant, enter each Net ID on a separate line.

To add a non-official participant (a participant outside of Texas State University), enter their email address in the text field "Email Address of Non-official Participant". If you wish to add more than one participant, enter each email address on a separate line.

  1. Use the Participant Roles radio buttons to chose how you will assign roles to the new participants. Select Continue.
  2. Select the roles for the participant(s) you are adding.
  • If you're assigning different roles to participants, use the drop-down list next to each name to select the appropriate role.
  • If you're assigning the same role to all the new participants, select the appropriate role.
  1. Select Continue.
  2. Select whether or not you would like an email sent to newly added participants. Select Continue
  3. Verify that the participant’s names are correct and select Finish.